It is not uncommon to kill 300 to 350 lb bears each year, that make the Pope and Young standards.Whether you hunt with bow, crossbow or firearm, your site will be built especially for you. Bow Hunting ​ 27 Jun 2021. Sept 19-25 (bow) - 6 At 3pm, we will take you to your hunting cache (the furthest cache is 2 hours away) Hunting From A Blind Four hunters to tag 1 cow (when cow is allowed in the province) This is a hunt for guys that want to rough it a little more and do something on their own. Our area has many clear cuts and logging roads too. Stalking, Hunting season: Sighting range is available prior starting your hunt. Muzzleloader A Typical Bear Hunting Day Shotgun Hunting, Hunting season: If you are an archery hunter, you will love our up close and personal bait locations! We hunt from the middle of May to the end of June. Black bear hunt is between may 20th and june 20th. 19 May 2021 ​ 15 May 2021 Free cap after deposit. Arrival is on Sunday and hunting is Monday through Friday.

The wildlife reserves are teeming with ruffed grouse and spruce grouse (also known as partridges), and snowshoe hare. Our Black bear hunt is semi-guided hunt (drive the hunter to his stand, bait the site, comeback to get the hunter and is bear). Preparedness through training suggested, High level of physical activity required.

20 Jun 2021. 1 Sep 2021 The spring Black bear hunting season starts on 15th May, ends on 20th June. 15 May 2021

This solitary creature is discrete by nature and usually avoids coming into contact with humans. For payment,we able to accept interact transfer by credit card, cash or money order.

Rifle Hunting Please note that right now we display hunts available only for citizens of the following countries: {{userResidentCountry}}. ​ Recently, due to the continued increase in bear numbers, Quebec 's Ministry of Wildlife and Parks has established a fall bear season as well. This semi-guided hunt is over a baited site, and all the hunters have an opportunity to hunt a bait that was never been hunt before him. •  Free access to a cold room in all wildlife reserves. The hunters will need some warm clothes, a raincoat, a fluorescent vest. There are more hunts that match your search criteria.

We mainly hunt on private lands, around 80% of our lands are farmlands with corn and oat fields. •  Up to two accompanying parties accepted free of charge for cabins for five or fewer people •  Up to four accepted free of charge for cabins for six or more •  A maximum of six per campsite •  Does not apply for American plan packages. •  MicroSD files (for Garmin GPS) of hunting territories for free download online. If you are interested in a combo hunt just select the species you want to include in a combination hunt and click the Combo Hunt box, Not high level of physical activity required, Substantial level of physical activity required. It's time to sleep All fees are to be paid in US currency. Adult males, massive and stocky, typically weigh about 260 pounds but some have been seen to weigh in at a whopping 450 pounds. This will allow you an unforgettable spring black bear hunt. Let us know when you can hunt and we'll try to work things out to your benefit. - northern pike You have questions? As soon as a hunt comes online matching this subscription you will receive a notice right to your inbox! Shots are 30 yards or less. Bow Hunting Baiting Sport Hunting in Québec Main Rules April 1 st, 2020 to March 31, 2022. Not as well-known to hunters today were Martin and Osa Johnson of the early to mid-1900’s. ​ You will be hunting black bear from 4 PM to 9 PM every day until you make your catch. 30 May 2021 ​ Bow Hunting An incomparable hunting offer combined with made-to-measure packages for all budgets; you’ve got the perfect scenario for your next moose- or deer-hunting stay. Have a big breakfast that we cooked Click the button below to see all of them. High success rates  |  Vast exclusive hunting sectors  |  Cutting edge mapping tools  |  Qualified and passionate personnel. Bow and crossbow, as well as black powder arm, 50% discount on a fishing or vacation stay. 30 May 2021 The balance due is to be paid upon arrival at camp. Hunting season: ​​ This way hunters, whose licence will remain intact, can go on other hunting trips if they so desire. Rifle Hunting, Hunting season: Hunting methods can be gun, bow, crossbow and muzzle loader. Sign up for Sépaq emails to be the first to find out about our promotions, news and special offers. There are two types of hunts on our platform: Subscribe to get new hunts matching your search criteria. Rifle Hunting You will be placed on an active site to optimize your chances. I forgot my password. Openings: ​ Publication en ligne sur la Chasse sportive au Québec, April 1st, 2020 to March 31, 2022. The package includes: lodging in outpost or on main site, exclusive territory & boat. Baiting In order to preserve your catch, a fish house is at your disposition with running water, wrapping paper and freezers. To help with the planning, we can only confirm your reservation upon the receipt of 600 US$ deposit. ​ We hunt black bears on an area of ​​600km2 of which 205 are exclusive to us.The Abitibi region is known for its quality bear hunting. ​ An incomparable hunting offer combined with made-to-measure packages for all budgets; you’ve got the perfect scenario for your next moose- or deer-hunting stay. Hunting can be slow and frustrating if Mother Nature throws a warm hunting season at you.

New preventive measures in certain alert levels. Take note that the fishing and hunting licences are available at the main lodge and all hunters must buy a hunting licence. We use ladder stands and ground blinds. As a result, it is now possible for a hunter to harvest two bears per year, one bear maximum being harvested in each of the two seasons.