The pedestrian infrastructure between the student's home and school is unsuitable for safe walking. The half fare 31-Day Pass is available for riders who qualify for reduced fares. joint custody), a student is eligible for subsidised travel from both the parents' addresses, subject to meeting the normal eligibility criteria. Vision Impaired Persons Pass (NSW and Interstate) - Free Travel including guide dog. As one of Australia's largest bus operating companies the Buslines Group brings the benefits of its size and experience to the people and the regions it serves.

NSW Tertiary Student - This card is available to students who meet the eligibility critieria set by Transport for NSW. What are the COVID impacts on Public Transport? APPLICATION FOR REPLACEMENT BUS PASS 1. Students who are not eligible for a school free travel pass can: You can request a review of your application under the following circumstances:-. They are a resident of NSW or an overseas student who is eligible for free government education, the straight line distance from their home address to school is 2 kilometres, or further, or. After that simply swipe and go. NSW Blinded Soldier Pass - Free Travel for Australian and New Zealand War Veterans classified by Department of Veterans Affairs (including attendant where endorsed on pass). Bus Charter | Groups/School Transfers. Half Fare for Single Tickets or $2.50 for RED. Passes may be purchased which expire at the end of Term 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Applications for subsidised travel for Friday afternoons and Monday mornings only (to cover weekend access visits) are not eligible under the Scheme. Passes may be purchased for the morning or afternoon journey or both. © 2020 Buslines Group | Copyright | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy. applying for a school travel pass for the first time. Click here to view Term Pass Fare Schedule. A Term Pass is for travel to and from school only and must be shown to the driver each time the bus is boarded. As a member of the Buslines Group, it represents one of Australia's largest and oldest bus operators and has become a name synonymous with the highest standards of safety and service.

Bus routes are … They are a resident of NSW or an overseas student eligible for free government education.

Passes purchased in advance are activated by inserting into the fare box on the first ride. Before starting your application, you will need to know which bus operator(s) are required for the student's travel between home and school. Our bus services Department of Human Services or Department of Veteran Affairs, NSW War Widow/er. Attendant Travels Free when endorsed on pass. The Buslines Group is committed to a philosophy of excellence and this, in turn, runs through every division of the company. Replacement passes may be obtained at a cost of $12 by contacting our office. Bus service operated by Berrima Bus Lines .

What is the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS)? PBC Goulburn operates direct school bus services to many schools in the region. Buslines Group Gold Pass -  Free Travel for holder of pass. If the student already has a bus pass and:-, you will need to update their details online via the Transport for NSW SSTS Website. Lithgow Buslines is part of the Buslines Group, providing a network of route bus services, together with regional and inter-regional school transport services throughout New South Wales. As a member of the Buslines Group, it represents one of Australia's largest and oldest bus operators and has become a name synonymous with the highest standards of safety and service. A separate online SSTS application should be made by each parent (or by the student if aged 16 or over) for each address.

Periodic maintenance may affect availability, please check with the office prior to journey. You need to include supporting documentation when applying for an exemption on Legal/Child Services grounds i.e. Refer to more information below. Ex-Member of Defence Force Pass - Free Travel (including attendant where endorsed on Transport Concession Entitlement Card). It is a requirement that Bus Passes be shown when boarding the bus. Email Berrima Bus Lines; Berrima Bus Lines website; List of Berrima Bus Lines timetables; Timetable data from Transport for NSW GTFS data feed. Giving this completed form to the driver with $12 payment (see options … Half Fare for Single Tickets. Semester Passes cannot be purchased online. World War 1 Veterans Widows Pass - Free Travel if you are a permanent resident in NSW and either a widow of a WW1 veteran, a recipient of the Victoria Cross or George Cross, or the spouse, widow or widower of one of these (including attendant where endorsed on pass). you in planning you trip. the route you need then visit the timetable section, but if you are If you don't have access to the internet or an email address you will need to contact Transport for NSW on 131500 for assistance with the application.