For each car battery you donate, a tree will be planted in Hamilton.

I now have a large collection of used batteries (AA, AAA, 9 volt) and bulbs (which turned out to be very short lived and expensive! Linkedin. Batteries tend to be very heavy due to the volume of lead and lead dioxide plates that make up the batteries storage capacity. No, only appliances like white goods and brown goods  -Rule of thumb, if you can’t plug it into electricity we don’t take it. There are some charges to drop off e-waste at these sites as all the products and materials have to be received, recorded, stored, transported and recycled.

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} }, { "@type": "Question", "name": "How much will you pay for my dead battery? These products are consolidated and then transported to our recycling facilities in Auckland and Christchurch. Metalco Recyclers offer the latest technology Metalco Recyclers are members of the Scrap Metal Recycling Association of New Zealand. sites, leaving no mess. Note we also sell appliances that are either seconds, carton damage or used, if you also need to replace that old clunker check us out for cheap and used appliances.

internal hard drives and CD drives), Computer peripherals and accessories (e.g. Battery disposal options.

standards that have enabled us to become leaders in the import and If you do use our service Please Leave A Review On Google By Clicking Here , we do appreciate your support, Address: 119 Captain Springs Rd Unit D Onehunga, Auckland 1061. We accept almost anything related to electrical equipment regardless of age or condition, (Anything powered by electricity/ battery’s etc).

Price for a collection starts at a minimum of $55.00 call out fee for 1 large item  ( 2 or more items attract additional costs) , pls ask first.

Batteries are highly engineered electrochemical devices that can convert chemical energy into direct current for release on demand to power your toys, tools and electronic devices. When an old car battery dies there is little to no real use for it in its current state.

The 10l pail will hold approximately 15kg of batteries, which is a reasonable weight to handle and carry, The recycling fee will be quoted to you in advance, Individual pails can be collected once full or approximately 6+ full pails can be consolidated on a pallet with lids taped on, shrink-wrapped and made available for collection.

E-Cycle provides an environmentally friendly recycling solution, which will keep these batteries out of landfills. If you choose the former, the batteries are treated to stabilise them. Hamilton is on a waste minimisation journey. You’ll have to drop them off either at a hazardous waste collection site – typically located at your council’s transfer station or landfill – or with a battery recycling scheme (see our Table). Batteries tend to be very heavy due to the volume of lead and lead dioxide plates that make up the batteries storage capacity." and are supplied to both domestic and international markets. Batteries are also carefully processed with high consideration given to the environment.

E-Cycle Limited is a New Zealand owned and operated company. It will vary based on the weight and physical location of the collection point. Located on Heaphy Terrace, we provide an easier, more central location for battery disposal. All Rights Reserved. Labels can be placed on the pails with awareness generating information and/or branding. We have 30 + partner drop off sites across New Zealand to receive products from businesses and the community for recycling.

Share this... Facebook. professional scrap metal yards are located in the Bay of Plenty and

All our services are running normally. These include AA, AAA, C, D and 9V size batteries. We offer collections of products from customers. Often dead batteries can sit in a garage for years, taking up useful space. Household battery recycling at Consumer NZ – includes drop off locations; Reduce, repair, reuse, repurpose, refurbish, recycle.

Give us a call for a free quote on (07) 847 1036 or come in and pay us a visit. TechCollect NZ is committed to recycling e-waste responsibly. We will also protect and erase or destruct your intellectual property media or devices. Rest assured that TechCollect NZ is actively growing its program network with a range of new collection partners, and is committed to providing an expanded national e-waste drop-off service to the residents and businesses across Aotearoa.

- no disposal is too big or too small. Contact us for your nearest drop off site. Limited. We offer software-based data erasure, with certificates. Which batteries are accepted for recycling? This is suitable for hard drives, storage devices, tablets and cell phones.

We accept a large variety of materials.

Ingot metals will recycle your car, truck or motorcycle battery at no charge and if you have a pile of them, you will walk away with cash in hand as a result! Postcode ", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "When an old battery dies there is little to no real use for it in its current state. using recycling methods that are both environmentally friendly and protect the health and safety of workers managing these products. Our key objective is to protect the environment. DO NOT DUMP ITEMS. Before you drop off your computer hard drive or external storage unit such as a USB drive to TechCollect, protect your personal information by securely and permanently wiping the data on your device first. Collection fee to be quoted, in addition to the recycling cost. Which batteries are accepted for recycling? export of scrap metal.

Off the road drop-offs are welcome - most common. We also offer physical destruction via a large industrial shredder in our Auckland facility. Throw away or recycle alkaline batteries. TechCollect NZ is committed to recycling e-waste responsibly. to the environment.

The battery chemistries displayed on the battery for identification are usually alkaline, lithium, nickel metal hydride, carbon zinc and a few others. TechCollect NZ sets the highest standards for responsible recovery and recycling. Once products are dismantled and separated into component or material categories in our recycling plants, they are sent to reputable local and international specialist recyclers for conversion back into raw materials or for re-use in new products.

E-Cycle partners with 30 councils and/or community groups across different regions in New Zealand to offer convenient drop off sites for small business and household e-waste. Similar to e-waste, Ingot Metals will recycle your dead battery without the negative environmental effects. TechCollect NZ is a not-for-profit organisation established by leading global technology companies committed to supporting the development of a regulated product stewardship scheme for electrical and electronic products in Aotearoa. We provide a battery disposal service without the cost of visiting the tip. If you have any enquiries, Get inspired and help us fight the landfill! Collections, deliveries and drop offs of e-waste at our national sites, E-waste crates and bins can be provided for filling on your site, Dismantling of products and separation into component and material form, Data erasure with certificates or data destruction and device destruction, Recycling certificates and weight, volume, asset number or serial number reporting, Recycling of polystyrene, plastic foam, cardboard and shrink wrap, Check out our battery recycling drop off locations >, Please contact us if you would like to know more and get started.