[9] The Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is the most senior public servant and plays a leadership role as the chair of the intergovernmental Secretaries Board made up of all Commonwealth departmental secretaries. In its submission to that senate inquiry, Services Australia argued that outsourcing employees had been a “cost-effective” way to deliver services within the limitations of the staff cap. The dictionary only includes a signpost definition for a word or expression if the word or expression is used in more than one rule. [11] Accordingly, the Australian Public Service is one of the largest employers in Australia. 1–8, accessed 16 May 2014. As such, the employees and officers of the Australian Public Service are obliged to serve the government of the day with integrity and provide "frank and fearless advice" on questions of public policy, from national security to fiscal policy to social security, across machinery of government arrangements. As at June 2015, the Australian Public Service comprises some 152,430 officers alongside a further 90,000 people employed in the broader Commonwealth public sector. The documents showed that even senior roles, including assistant directors, executive officers, ministerial advisers, and in policy, management, and biosecurity were being outsourced. 1), The text of any of those amendments not in force on that date is appended in the Notes section, Prepared by the Office of Legislative Drafting and Publishing, Attorney-General’s Department, Canberra, 1     Name of Rules [see Note 1]                                                                  3, 2     Commencement [see Note 1]                                                               3, 3     Revocation of Public Service Classification Rules 1999                           3, 4     Definitions — the dictionary                                                                  3, 5     Approved classifications                                                                       3, 6     Classification of APS employees: general                                              3, 7     Classification of APS employees: section 26 agreement                         4, 8     Classification of SES employees                                                          4, 9     Classification of duties                                                                         5, 10     Work level standards                                                                           5, 11     Movement from a training classification                                                  5, 12     Reduction of classification of APS employee                                          5, 13     Delegation                                                                                          5, Schedule 1             Approved classifications                                                                   7, Schedule 2             Training classifications                                                                     9, Dictionary                                                                                                                       10, Notes                                                                                                                              11, 1              Name of Rules [see Note 1].