"Wow, Captain Clean, what about your pants, aren't you worried you might stain them?" "How can they stand it?" Corporal, it's not what you think…", "I see." Commander Erwin brings Levi and the Cadets on a mission in the Underground City that Levi grew up in. Heichou! Once Ivy was suitably dressed Erwin said, "Great, now you have to introduce yourself to the members of the Scout Regiment that are present at this time.". The room he was in was dark, and he realized he was in Eren and Reiner's room. "Ttch Levi, its everything you wanted isn't it? Armin gave a repulsed sigh, still trying to free himself. Jean looked back momentarily at his fallen comrade. Chapter 7. He felt a peculiar nostalgia. "You want to tell Corporal Levi, don't you?" Language: English ... After six years since he left Underground City and joined the Survey Corps, Levi finds out he is a father. The sound of more singing came, and he burst into another room, shutting the door behind him. I don’t know what freedom tastes like, feels like, but on your skin I sense it. That." "It's temporary! – Erwin Smith, Eren let out a yawn, the carriage jolting as they sped over some bumpy roads. Levi has a favorite hooker. I want to be like...eh...doesn't matter.

"There. "Hmm? Will update weekly! What is her connection to Levi? One golden, one teal, both gorgeous, both narrowed, and both looking down on them in disgust.

Levi headed toward the door and then he saw a pair of big, girl's eyes which was looking at him with possibly the largest reproach. He was wearing the trousers from his uniform. Expression of Ackermann's face was usually impassive, despite of different stages of irritation which he sometimes showed. Not like a couple of timid kids, but like a separated, secret lovers who were longing for each other for a years. Levi took a sip of vodka. Levi retorted as he pushed her away and leaned over to Erwin, "She's using so little gas, instead she's using her momentum to get her places.

Levi sighed, "Without sunlight, one can die.". I'm sure they all think I'm a coward now, I mean I cant even say my name in front of a crowd, how am I supposed to fight titans?" Ivy was still dressed in Levi's old clothes when she arrived at the mess hall she was handed a small loaf of bread and a mug of tea. ... (An Erehisu fanfiction of Attack on Titan. He had to decontaminate Eren's wounds. I recognize it". ", "At least he's asleep now." Erwin nodded as he heard them approach. I'll come check on them." Ivy said looking around. Annoying...He couldn't understand why he didn't like her so much. she?

Armin tried to squirm out of Jean's grip, but he pressed himself against him. You have been warned, if you don't like these type of stories, don't read. It's—it's Jean and Connie, actually. In theory they gained a warrant to search the building. There's worse out there than what is simply beyond those walls, you see it every time you close your eyes - it's forever imprinted against your brain.Levi's got his eyes fixed ahead of him.

That person definitely wasn't him. Wrong words in the wrong place. But don't think that just because I'm gone, that I'll be asleep. Attack on Titan and Attack on Titan characters are property of Hajime Isayama. "No, I was behind you, actually." Your review has been posted. Corporal Levi headed for the other room, Reiner and Armin following. "So what if I am Ackerman." You beat me!" But that changes after a single cup of tea.This is the story of growth and fighting trauma with the help those you love and care for. ", Levi stopped and sighed "Ivy please walk with me.". Attack on Titan - Levi's Fever Fanfiction. Corporal Levi leaned against the wall. She took a sip of the tea and suddenly became very aware of the shear amount of people that where in the room. said excitedly. He recently doubted the existence of unbearable pain. ", "Tch. "I thought you entered with Eren and Jean.". They have meat for us! Five years after the fall of Wall Maria, Lotte wondered if years in the Survey Corps was worth the sacrifice.

Levi Ackerman was finally feeling the joy of having and finding a family where he and Mikasa Ackerman built. may i just say. Corporal Levi took a sip from his tea. Erwin turned his head and looked out the window. It isn't the same like the pain during the fighting, abrasions from the leather straps of Vertical Maneuvering Equipment or stupid wounds which sooner or later will be healed.

He stormed into the hallway, shutting the bedroom door behind him. He imagined the wings of freedom moving rhythmically with Levi's every step. ", "Heck yeah. Armin sighed, yelping when Jean pulled him into an awkward hug. Ivy quickly followed him in. one of the men yelled and the men began to move the titans. Can I come? Cool look of cobalt eyes rested on wrapped in a thick duvet person. Tortured Underground Chapter 1, an attack on titan/進撃の巨人 fanfic | FanFiction This fanfic contains violence, gore, language, mild sexual actions, and some spoilers for those who haven't read the manga. All I want to say that you are the best sister ever, Mikasa. Armin, you ready too?" He talks in his sleep…I've had…" he yawned, "I've had conversations with him like this…" Eren's head started drooping again, but he was jerked back awake when the carriage jolted. Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers Isabel and Furlan try to help him in the best ways they know how to. For a few minutes, darkness surrounded them, but in an instant light returned, lit candles up in the ceilings of the caverns. "And I don't care if you've been here, no Cadets leaves unaccompanied." "Yes those are stars" he said "And they have names", "Names?" "Then again, Springer may have her beat. "He seems to be alive, Corporal. Chapter One 1.3K 20 3. by LordDeath-Shinigami.

"Heyyy, Armin." Alongside her comrades: Furlan Church, Isabel Magnolia, and Levi, Alana’s life as a thug continued with no way around it; until the sudden day she and her companions were offered the deal of a lifetime. he said as he began to drag her. How'd they manage that? It wasn't like I could go and steal it from the MP's weekly" she said disinterestedly, "And the blades, why do you hold them like you do? Guess he'd have to go read in one of the other rooms.

It's just a warning, Jaeger. When he started that conversation he was treated Mikasa like a sister, but now this closeness seemed to be the most enjoyable thing he has ever experienced. Everyone looked shocked, even Levi raised his eyebrow in amazement. And how does she know how to kill titans without any training? You take Connie.". ", Jean sat down beside Armin, placing his arm around the blonde's shoulders. She has lost many friends and loved ones to the titans, which leads her to closing herself off from everyone. Six years have passed since then and, by … "Pretty much, she was 13 when you took us and shows capable of taking care of herself, but the shock of all three of us leaving without even saying good-by must have been devastating. He fetched two teacups and saucers from the cabinet.

Not only to faces, but also any smells, names, words, but the worst was the memory of being touching. That wasn't what Levi had expected. Erwin and I are going to go out and get those files on the perps. what the fuck was this, Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin)/Original Character(s), Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan References, LANCE CORPORAL - Queen of Spades (Levi's p.o.v. He get used to this view. Eren would never have anticipated when looking at the mirror that his 10 year old self was looking back at him. He realized that he was still staring at only a small part of the door.

Levi believes he knows who is truly responsible: Kenny Ackerman.

"Hello Ivy, I'm glad that Hanji was able to catch you after you ran off like that. Armin thought about it, but Eren would most likely just get into a fight with Jean rather than help him. He was convinced that the girl was in the room.

By the time the carriage had arrived at its destination of the Scout Regiments base night had fallen and for the first time in her life Ivy Shiner saw the stars and moon and she was amazed at their beauty. We leave first thing tomorrow morning." Reiner tossed off his blankets, surprised when he heard a small yelp come from Armin. He sat up slightly, responding groggily, "Is that you, Armin?". ", Armin gripped his book tightly. ", "Thats how I hold a knife" she said bluntly "Now keep questioning me like this Commander and you'll get more than you bargained for.

Paradoxically, he was too weak to move and communicate with the other. "This is the graveyard that we set up for those soldiers who have no living relatives." Maybe not useless, but...but...Just don't do it anymore!". ", "No…I'll just stay in here. Here's the result of your stupid ideas". This expedition and its effect remained shrouded in mystery. " ", Armin let out another squeak, Reiner certain he'd break at any minute if Levi kept on like this.

", Levi looked offended "You like other people?!". Jean, where'd you go? "They what? Levi, see to it that night and just took responsibility for it", "Corporal's room, of course. Thank you. "Are you even sleeping?!" "What I mean is…I don't sleep much?" I did invite you for tea, and I do intend to have some." His hands burned because of the bites. Now a physician yourself, you work alongside him with pride: stitching up wounds, nursing the sick, and helping to save the lives of many. However there is the one room in this building they mustn't enter" Corporal room entrance, but they do not have. He gave this silly kid just a second for reaction. At first he wanted to bring him violently to the ground. Reiner usually hung around Berdholt, but since he wasn't on this mission, the taller soldier went to talk to Armin on the sofa. Will you be alright watching the Cadets by yourself?". "Ah, so all four of you switch off, huh? It discusses tragedy and dealing with it along with overcoming inner conflicts. It didn't sound like Jean was following, but he had to tell somebody before Connie coughed up his lungs. His head was still higher than Jaeger's head. Levi instinctively turned his gaze out the window.