North Ridge students attend George Mason and Charles Barrett Elementary Schools and feed into George Washington Middle School and T. C. Williams High School. Located across U.S. Route 1 from Del Ray is the Potomac Yard area, formerly home to one of the busiest rail yards on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Two of the Berg's most prominent landmarks are blocks of units within this complex. [72], Mount Vernon Community School, grades K-5, and George Washington Middle School, grades 6-8, are located in Del Ray. All were identical in width, except Mt. Each of these has specific neighborhoods that have different "vibes" or reputations. The area to the northwest of Old Town, much of which was once in the separate town of Potomac, is today known as Del Ray. There are two nature preserves that welcome visitors in Seminary West. Ida, and Hume were incorporated into the town of Potomac, which by 1910 had a population of 599; by 1920 it contained 1,000; by 1928 it had 2,355 residents. [8] These lands include a portion of the site of the Bush Hill plantation, which was owned by Richard Marshall Scott and his descendants for close to 200 years. [63][64][65][66] Del Ray is defined by its local citizens association as the area bounded on the south by Braddock Road, on the west by Russell Road, on the north by East Glebe and West Glebe Roads, on the east by U.S. Route 1, and on the southeast by the CSX rail tracks between Route 1 and Braddock Road. The neighborhood came to prominence when long time resident and future president Gerald R. Ford was selected as Vice President of the United States while still residing there. It is the largest historically black neighborhood in the city. [21] A large sports and entertainment complex was proposed for Hensley Park in 2013, but this was rejected by city planners.

It is the most typically suburban part of Alexandria, with a street hierarchy of winding roads and cul-de-sacs. 301 King Street Alexandria, VA 22314. [91], Cameron Station is a planned community of Colonial-style townhouses and condominiums adjacent to the Landmark area of Alexandria. Other well known communities include Seminary Valley & Brookville (BVSV) and Cameron Station. Serving the. [46] The second are the Samuel Madden Homes, named after the second African-American pastor of the Alfred Street Baptist Church.[47]. The North Ridge community lies within the original 10-mile (16 km) square of the District of Columbia, ceded back to Virginia in 1846. The Landmark Mall, developed in the mid-1960s and redeveloped in the 1980s, was Alexandria's primary retail area for decades.