Over the past few weeks, we have seen some high flows on the Bow as a result of a combination of snow melt and rain. Larger  Pike over the 10 lb mark are possible from here with the average being a little over two feet and 3 or 4 lbs. MANDATORY CATCH AND RELEASE OF ALL FISH IN BANFF, YOHO AND KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARKS, EXCEPT LAKE MINNEWANKA LAKE TROUT. Current fly fishing conditions are still good. Our Calgary fishing reports are brought to you straight from our office, the rivers and streams of Central and Southern Alberta, to give you the latest information regarding hatches, patterns, and tactics. All my fishing this summer has been in the afternoon or early evening. You may need to work a little harder. Both the pike and walleye I have caught there all seem to be of good body weight also . Calgary. Alberta Trout Fishing Information. Remember all fish are catch & and release only. Although the frigid temperatures can sometimes make fishing h, BOW RIVER FISHING REPORT - OCTOBER 3rd, 2019 Providing an intuitive, user-friendly guide to sport fishing in Alberta, users are able to search for lakes by name, or via proximity search; view catch limits, species reference, interactive directions, real-time weather, boat launch locations, depth charts, points of interest, tips & tricks, and more! The road is in fairly good condition, however please drive carefully. For fly fishing, an assortment of wooly buggers, clousers, black chironomids and nymphs. For fly fishing, small flies such as midges and mosquitos have been working well. link to Saltwater Fishing Spots in Vancouver, link to Choosing the Best Salmon Flasher Colours, Great Day Fishing on Eagle Lake (https://youtu.be/rSiubG9Xzro), Selecting the Best Dead Bait Rigs for Pike, Selecting the Best all Around Walleye Fishing Rod ( Jigging, Trolling or Casting), Lake McGregor Alberta,  Walleye and Pike Fishing. Try  fishing for brown trout using nymphs and swinging streamers. We might fin, Fishing Report – June 19th, 2020 As we enter the new year and set intentions to fish more than ever in 2020, winter continues to punish us viciously, forcing us to stick to the vise most days, not the mighty Bow. Absolutely no bait. Oswald. We have also seen very large October Caddis flying about, and plent, Although we are now well into the month of September, most of us are still refusing to concede the fact that our summer is coming to a close. The specific regs can be found on page 60 of the 2018 Alberta guide to sport fishing regulations. ***Bow River is be open all year from Banff National Parks East Boundary downstream to Bassano Dam including Bassano Reservoir. Last week’s cold weather hammered our gardens, as well as our hopper populations. FELT-SOLED WADING BOOTS PROHIBITED IN ALL MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARKS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. All of this section of the Bow River is also now completely CATCH & RELEASE and there is a BAIT BAN in effect.

Decent size walleye up to five pounds can be caught here although the average size is approximately 2 lbs and 20 inches or so. In early December this area produced decent pike and walleye catches. (5) Bait is allowed. Having access to a boat will obviously give you a lot more options. The town of Strathmore is only a few minutes to the west of Eagle Lake where you can find Canadian Tire. Try some of the following during the open season: 403.678.5550   |   (function(){var ml="wsmtprfo%c4ian0. If you need some ideas on the best walleye rod to use check out this article. 6: 1,066: Lac La Biche Area Ice? This is a very popular local ice fishing venue, I have seen upwards of 100 people fishing here on winter weekends.

Larger  Pike over the 10 lb mark are possible from here with the average being a little over two feet and 3 or 4 lbs. The excellent angling combined with the surreal Rocky Mountain scenery makes this one of Alberta’s best fishing lakes.

  We especially enjoy April as the month where Alberta starts to truly warm up. Fishing Alberta with reports, information, licenses, jokes and Photo's and Video 45: ... Serengeti Fishing Charters END OF YEAR Report 2020. 11-02-2020 09:07 PM by dennis wood. The launch is only a few KM south on RR 245. Water levels on the Bow River have come down and fishing is good. Each report will touch on the main rivers and streams in Alberta that we call our home waters. Tomorrow: 55° / 49° F Langdon. The best bait seems to be smelt (colored or natural) or anchovies . My wife and I went out to scout our local fishing hole.